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Nearing Towards The End

Nearing Towards The End

By: Courtney Ford, Owner/Nutrition Coach

30 days is almost gone. All of you are almost there!
You’ve either omitted sugars, alcohol, grains, or something out of your diet for the last 30 days. Or you’ve tracked and logged your food religiously.

Your body composition has most likely changed. Your pants size has gone down. Your energy levels have rised. You can see a 2-pack starting to form in that abdomen of yours. Maybe you don’t even want to go back to your “old ways” anymore.

Now is the time to start thinking of what you’re going to do come day 31.
Are you going to binge eat? Eat #ALLTHEPIZZA? Drink #ALLTHECOCKTAILS? Stuff #ALLTHETACOS in your mouth?

I suggest, not.
Don’t let the last 30 days of hard work go to waste.
You’ve worked way too hard and felt way too good to throw 30 days out the window.


Grab your book, “It Starts with Food” and read up on the ways of how to reintroduce food into your diet. You’ve gone through 30 days of omitting, so that you can actually figure out if certain foods react a certain way when you eat them. Binge eating won’t help distinguish what food is causing the problem, however slowly reintroducing some will give you your answer.


Don’t just quit. Don’t just quit tracking. Flexible Dieting is the ultimate way to lead a sustainable life. The last 30 days, you shouldn’t have felt deprived AT ALL. Because you can eat what you want during Flexible Dieting, it is more emotionally and mentally stable.

What’s your next step?

Maybe it’s time to start with a nutrition coach. That’s where I come in!

An initial consultation starts with me getting to know you outside of the gym—your lifestyle, your activity level. From there we work closely together, doing weekly weigh-ins, monthly measurements and pictures, adding you to a private FB group, sharing more recipes, giving you little tidbits, and available access to any and all questions.

There is not a one size fits all for configuring your macro settings.

Your friend may weigh the same as you, but that doesn’t mean your macros are going to be the same. She may workout more than you, her metabolism may be slower, her activity level at her job is different than yours---and maybe she has some health things that you’re not aware of.

Why Flexible Nutrition?

Because we are human. We are moms. We are dads. We are business owners. We are construction workers. Fire fighters. Nurses. HR Directors. We hold all of the positions. And bottom line? WE ARE BUSY.

We shouldn’t have to feel shame or guilt when we need to send our kids to school with lunch money, rather than an organic-filled boxed lunch—because as we were making them lunch, our other child gets sick and needs our attention…or you were making your morning protein shake and the blender exploded all over, and you don’t have time to pick it up AND make another one…so you run through a drive thru on your way to work to feed yourself.

Flexible Nutrition allows us the opportunity to not feel guilt or shame with food, to learn balance and to make things work. It’s sustainable and FLEXIBLE.